About Us.​

Dedicated Professionals Since 1993!

Our Vision
– To be the leading technical service & support company in the area of electronic product and system design & development for our customer in the region.

Our Mission 
– To be the leader in solution providing company in technical knowledge, experience and innovation
– To achieve sustainable competitive strength in our service to customer. 

Our Company Profile
Coherent Technology was incorporated in 1993. The Company provides technical solution to clients in the areas of research and development of new products and systems. The Company assists clients with a total solution approach to their niches, ranging from system conceptualization, design and development and the final gestation of the product or system commissioned. 

Our Customers

Coherent Technology serves clients in a wide spectrum of industries, involved in businesses related to manufacturing, product distribution, equipment supply, power and energy industrial, medical re-search, transportation, building facilities and education institution.

  • Manufacturer – automatic function test system for PCBA assembly
  • Medical Re-search – customised electroporator for gene transfection research
  • Building Facilities – Safety / Rescue sub-system for elevator
  • Transportation – power backup module for train operator
  • School – lightning warning alarm paging system
  • Institution – Customised equipment for life science laboratory research.
  • Energy Industrial – Grid tie inverter

Our Strength and Expertise

  • Embedded micro-controller application in noisy environment
  • Power electronics and motor control
  • High voltage control up to 10KV
  • High voltage arbitrary waveform generation up to 5KV
  • Custom sensor technology and contact-less sensing

Our Design Philosophy 

  • We always seek good design integrity to achieve product reliability
  • We prefer simple effective designs rather than featuring complicated designs.
  • We always look for alternatives
  • We always fulfil our delivery schedules and satisfy customer requirements
  • We advise customers accordingly
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